Welcome to the Piano-tab convertor

This page works fine; other pages work better. http://www.8notes.com/tab/new_tab.asp

As a piano player I was very tired to count numbers and do difficult math to play a (guitar) tab. That's why I made this page! It looks a little bit difficult, but just play along and it will be clear soon. There are to interfaces:

All-at-once-convertor (Beta-versie)

You can paste a complete tab. Warning: After all the numbers to be replaced, a dash has be entered. All strings must be in capital, with exeption of the higest e-snare. Put after the string-symbol a dash. Why/Help ?

You can also enter an URL (internet-adress)

Enhance your tab-site! You can place the All-at-once-convertor on your site. People only have to paste an URL and hit "submit". Just copy and paste this HTML-code
<Form Method="Post" Action="http://www.yepcheck.com/pianotab/urlatonce.asp" target="_blank">
<INPUT size="25" type="text" name="url" value="http://">
<INPUT Type="submit" Value="Submit" name="Submit">

Line-by-Line Convertor

This page Converts from the guitartab to pianotab line by line. Just copy and past the different lines in this boxes and everything will become allright.

You can also enter an URL (internet-adress) which has to be converted. A frame with the original tab is shown and a frame with an entry-form, so it is easy to copy and paste

Have fun!

Below is a part from the intro of Maar je hoeft niet naar huis vannacht (Marco borsato) to practice! (Taken from http://www.nedertabs.nl/tabs/marjehoeftn1.txt) DO PRACTICE. NOTHING CAN BE SAVED!!!!!!