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Warning: After all the numbers to be replaced, a dash has be entered. All strings must be in capital, with exception of the higest e-snare. Put after the string-symbol a dash. Why/Help ?
With flats (Db, Eb, Gb, Ab, Bb)
With sharps (C#, D#, F#, G#, A#)
With Capitals (C, D, F, G, A) (result looks best. Capital=sharp (i.e. F=f#))
Transpose/Capo Tuning
Always check the result ! The string-names/-letters must be followed by a dash(like: G-) or pipe (G|) ! Take care, you might need insert dashes to make it right and the lines the same length.
Pianotab converted at; transposed with/capo at semitones and E-tuning

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This image shows in which octave the notes in the pianotab,
shown in the light-yellow area, are.

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